Switch context from one area of work to another can be painful, and it can take time to get back up to speed when you do. Windows 10 & 11 has a cool feature to help you tackle this called Virtual Desktops, it gives you the ability to setup multiple desktops.
Creating another virtual desktop gives you a copy of all your screens and an empty taskbar.
It’s great for switching between work and home stuff, or betweek projects quickly.

In Windows 10 and 11 this can be set up and controlled from the Task View (shortcut key: Win + Tab).

  • Win + Tab + D => New desktop
  • Ctrl + Win + arrow left|| arrow right => to navigate between them
  • To move windows between desktops, with in the Task View and either:
    1. click + hold, then drag
    2. right click, > Move To
  • To show the window on all desktops, with in the Task View: right click, > Show this window on all desktops

note: right click can also be performed with your context menu button or shift + F10.