principle: Enablement

This is an overarching principle, and is applied in several ways.

It doesn’t mean I’ll do a job for someone, but instead make what they do easier by enabling them so they don’t need you again. As a craftsman I do this by:

  • Communicating concisely and clearly, leading them in
  • Choosing to call people whenever the communication may require an exchange of dialogue
  • Creating code that is: simple, obvious and readable
  • Leaving code in a better state than when I found it
  • Provide high level documentation that leads others into the detail
  • Developing solutions that make it easier for them to do their work

To apply this as a principle I found it best to think of it as an Ideal in that it’s something you strive for, but don’t want to burn all of your time doing it perfectly. The focus of what you do to Enable Others needs to be on providing them with what is essential.

The easier you make it for them, the less they’ll need you. You’ll be able to get on with focused work that adds value.

You will have provided them an opportunity to easily pick up something new, and be successful at it.

question: How can you Enable Others?