For project at work I’ve had to quickly get myself up to speed with the components required to create a organisation wide data analytics infrastructure. The follow shows the basics of how the components fit together (as I understand it to date).

Logical Data Analytics Components

graph TD; Bi([Business Intelligence])---Dm([Data Models]); Dm---Lz([Landing Zone]); Lz---Cbs([Critical Business Systems]);
  • Business Intelligence covers all tools and methods of looking at data in order to provide answers to business questions.
  • Data Models are developed for each Domain in the business to provided an amalgamated view.
  • Landing Zone is where data from the sources is saved to make it available to the data models
  • Critical Business Systems The various systems a business has

Conceptual Data Analytics Structure

The following shows how some of both technical and business aspects could be included.

graph TD; Sa([Sales])-->Ss([Self Service]) Sa-->Ml([Machine Learning]) Sa-->Ai([Artificial Intelligence]) Fi([Finance])-->Ss Fi-->Ml Fi-->Ai Mf([Manufacturing])-->Ss Mf-->Ml Mf-->Ai Sc([Suply Chain])-->Ss Sc-->Ml Sc-->Ai Dl([Data Lake])-->Sa Db([Databases])-->Sa Sg([Storage])-->Sa Dl-->Fi Db-->Fi Sg-->Fi Dl-->Mf Db-->Mf Sg-->Mf Dl-->Sc Db-->Sc Sg-->Sc Erp([ERP])-->Dl Mes([MES])-->Dl etc([etc])-->Dl subgraph Business Intelligence Ss Ml Ai end subgraph Data Models Sa Fi Mf Sc end subgraph Landing Zone Dl Db Sg end subgraph Data Stores Erp Mes etc end