The following is a train of though, showing the application of craftsman can benefit everyone involved in a project / product.


Value Win: A success that brings positive benefits

A Win-win-win-win

Value Win for: Craftsman, Business, Client, and Users!

The Flywheel Effect

in short: It’s a positive feedback loop, including: motivation, action, and success.

Flywheel Model

The Flywheel Effect occurs when small wins accumulate over time, creating momentum, and building value.

For an individual (an athelte, a student, a craftsman, a person driven to grow) something triggers an initial motivation, and that leads to an action, if successful, they feel motivated to perform another action. It becomes a self propelling process, a bit like a well formed habit.

In a business context The Flywheel Effect evolved from Jim Collins’s research and book: Good to Great.

An Organisational Craftsmanship Flywheel

Can be built by chaining together the Business, Craftsman, and Clients. Each being driven by the flow of success leading to motivation, and the confidence from motivation leading to action.

Craftsmanship Flywheel

Contributer Action

Each of the contributers: Business, Craftsman and Client all can take action to help the flywheel gain momentum. This is an area that I look forward to evolving with more insight, as it will provide the fuel to accelerate the rate at the flywheel builds momentum.

The Craftsman can seek to learn and practice skills; technical, in collaboration, innovation and productivity.

A Business can both enable and facilitate the craftsman in there growth by providing oppurtunities and structure.

A Client can request more work by either extending a project, or requesting another one. They also can build the Businesses reputation for delivery of value, which can lead to new clients.

What ideas do you have about the actions that can be taken?